Wednesday, December 13, 2017

i18n FAD Pune 2017

Last month we had our first i18n Fedora Activity Day (FAD) in Pune, from 20th to 22th November. In Red Hat, Pune office, we hack together for 3 days. It is a really great experience that we collaborate together again.

Day 1

First we have self introductions and the plans for this FAD.

The first presentation is given by Tagoh-san for Fonts and Rendering in Fedora. Following his topic, I shared my debugging experience about pango, and summarized the status of default Chinese fonts of Adobe Source Han fonts asked by Jens Petersen.

Later, Takao Fujiwara explained IBus 1.6 plans and emoji demo. We discussed about some items of IBus plans. Then I suggested to collect API changes, and discuss more about changed API. And I plan to implement ForwardKeyEvent method for Qt 5 in this FAD.

Mike Fabian gave demos about ibus-typing-booster and emoji-picker. Then Rafal presented his work on locales. Sundeep and Parag showed transtats and transtats-cli demo.

Day 2

Suggested by Mike FABIAN, I reported `ls -lh` date/time issues to coreutils upstream. Now I got some feedback about it. It is a known issue but seems hard to fix it. The date/time column in English column contains 12 characters, if we add one character for CJK. The column will become too long; if we remove some space characters from date/time string, it will cause some problem in scripts such as cut, sed, awk, etc.

I spend the most time of the day with Takao Fujiwara to implement ForwardKeyEvent method. In the beginning I rebuilt the qt5-qtbase source rpm, but it takes too long time to finish building. Helped by Takao Fujiwara, I start to copy the binary library to the system, it makes debugging faster. Later we discussed the details about the patch, peer review helps to write the patch quickly.

Day 3

Today we have Fedora 27 release party and nice cake.

The Qt patch seems to work now, we begin to check whether ibus-hangul and ibus-typing-booster work with the ForwardKeyEvent method. The results seems work well, and we submited the patch for upstream review.

I had really nice experience during visiting Pune. Thanks Parag and Sundeep for organizing this event! Thanks to Fedora Council for approving this FAD budget and Bex for helping us with all kinds of budget issues!