Monday, October 18, 2010

SunPinyin、Novel Pinyin和iBus-Pinyin展开全面合作

SunPinyin、Novel Pinyin和iBus-Pinyin社区决定长期合作,联手创建libpinyin子项目。libpinyin致力于为中文拼音输入法提供智能整句输入的算法核心,将试图合并novel-pinyin和sunpinyin中的智能拼音整句输入算法部分,争取实现目前SunPinyin和Novel Pinyin的功能超集。


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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

novel-pinyin 0.2.5 released.

Here are the new change log for novel-pinyin:
* Fixes train factor.
* Fixes file open/close bug in utils.
* Fixes a bug in winner tree,
which may potentially lower the correct rate.

And this package is uploaded to sourceforge today.
The source control system for novel-pinyin has been switched from CVS to SVN. If you want to check out the newest code, please use the new SVN repository.