Monday, November 23, 2015

G11N FAD Report

From Nov 1 to Nov 3, we joined G11N FAD 2015.

During 3 days, we have various activities, such as discussions and hackathons, etc.

For the first day, Jens Petersen gives a warm welcome and introduction.
And after some other introductions, we know about other G11N teams better.

In the afternoon of day one, with Takao Fujiwara and Daiki Ueno we
discussed ibus future development, such as the differences between ibus and fcitx.
Ueno-san told me about the gnome input method support status for wayland.
And we discussed whether can improve ibus wayland support.

For the second day, Mike Fabian told me there are two ways to package glibc locales:
  1. with locale archive;
  2. with locales in many folders;

During second day, we use the builtin systemd bootchart module and Michael Meeks' bootchart projects to compare the boot time with two ways to package glibc locales.
This time we mainly tested a few locales installed.

For the third day, we continued with glibc sub-packaging benchmarks.
This time we tested with full locales installed.
The results seems a bit random, but the performance seems not different much.

Finally we have good outcomes from this FAD, and have a nice photo. :)

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